fight crooked “locksmiths”

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Call your Georgia legislator and tell them you want the protection of a requirement of a license to operate as locksmith.

a quote from “Democracy and Leadership”

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“Circumstances may arise when we may esteem ourselves fortunate if we get the American equivalent of a Mussolini; he may be needed to save us from the American equivalent of a Lenin. Such an emergency is not to be anticipated, however, unless we drift even further than we have thus far from the principles that underlie our unionist tradition. The maintenance of this tradition is indissolubly bound up with the maintenance of standards. The democratic contention that everybody should have a chance is excellent provided it mean that everybody is to have a chance to measure up to high standards. If the democratic extension of opportunity is, on the other hand, made a pretext for lowering standards, democracy is, insofar, incompatible with civilization.”
Remember that this was written in 1924. Ask yourself “How far have we drifted from our unionist traditions?”, and “Are we measuring up or are we lowering standards?” How far have we gone from the standards that were expected of our leaders? How far have we gone from what we should expect of ourselves and our children?
Mr. Babbitt would no doubt roll in his grave if he only knew how far we’ve gone.
Trying to keep it real ya’ll.

The great “unwashed”

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There is a syndicated radio talk show host based here in Atlanta named Neil Boortz. He loves to speak disparagingly about those of us whom he calls the “great unwashed”. He likes to state how so many people cannot formulate an intelligent question or state what is on their minds in a coherent manner. I know that all people are not equal in terms of their education or even in their natural intelligence or ability to learn. Some people call his show and really do sound kinda dumb. Funny thing is, in spite of his condescending manner towards those with “low IQ’s” Mr Boortz has, at times, a problem dealing with people who call his show and have an intelligent argument that differs from his own. He likes to yell about how stupid we all are but insults us when we try to educate ourselves and oppose his point of view.
As for myself. I did not go to college so maybe I am unwashed. I do try to read as much as possible though and I do understand most of what I read. Take Irving Babbitt for instance. I am almost finished with his “Democracy and Leadership”. In it he speaks about many other writers and philosophers, some of whom I have studied, some who I know by name but have not studied, and it is tough for me to follow his thoughts sometimes. I also have to use the dictionary frequently! Nevertheless I have gained a great deal of insight and knowledge from this book. When I tried to confront Mr Boortz with some of these ideas and challenge some of his opinions he told me that I was trying too hard to sound intellectual and proceeded to thank his engineer for starting the music and cutting me off. Well my question is this. Does Mr. Boortz want us to stay stupid and unwashed so that he can continue to blame all of this countries problems on us? Or does he truly care about this country and its people and does he want us to be educated (even if it’s self education),even if we disagree with him?
Think about it and get started reading. I’d like for you to start with “Democracy and Leadership” but you don’t have to. Try Jefferson, Burke, Goethe, The American State Papers, or Dante. You do not have to go to college to read these books. Just do it and fight back.
Keeping it real.

my test,new friends and other stuff

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My trip to Texas was very satisfying. The test went well. I am more sure than not that I passed. I went through the 140 questions and answered all that I knew for certain and made notes about the ones for which I needed to go to the book. I did have a little trouble trying to cross reference the questions with the table of contents. Some of the information in a particular question could be found in several different sections of the book so it was not as straight forward as I had hoped. Never-the-less I believe I did well.
I got to see my sister Donna, and I met her boyfriend Frank. I really like him and we all had a nice time together. Next time I go back I hope I can get him to take me fishing down in Corpus Christi. That man can catch some fish! There were pictures of both of them with beautiful redfish and speckled trout all over the house. Nice!
The folks at Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Austin were great. Professor Phil welcomed me into his school and let me train as his guest. His instruction that day was great and I know that I am a better fighter because of it. Thanks professor.(A Jiu-Jitsu instructor is addressed as professor)
I had the pleasure of rolling with Richard, David and Georgette on Friday. I learned some stuff from them and had a good time rolling. Don’t forget to go fishing for elbows, Georgette! My training partner on Thursday was a young man named Matt. He was a great training partner. Anyone who practices Jiu-Jitsu(or any other martial art)knows that a good partner makes a training session. Thanks Matt.
I also met a good young man named Brian with whom I had a good talk about life and Jiu-Jitsu.
Good luck Brian and remember who we are. Whether or not we get into the ring, we are fighters. Always carry yourself like one. I took some knowledge with me when I left and I hope that I left a little also. Keep it real ya’ll.

All roads lead back home

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Let’s start by saying thank you to Mr. Maxwell. He had us install Multilock High Security deadbolts and locksets on his home today. Every homeowner needs to consider buying Multilock locks for their home. The locks that you find on almost every home are of very poor quality. Even brands like Schlage and Baldwin make low security locks. If you are concerned about your locks being picked or bump picked, your keys being copied without your consent, and the very strength of the lock itself you need to have Master Locksmith/Abbot Safe & Lock install high security locks on your home.(Or business).
Now, what’s this about all roads leading back home? Well, we came to Atlanta about 15 years ago from Houston, Texas. Our business is doing well here in Atlanta and we have decided to go back home and open an office in Houston. The company in Houston will operate under the name Master Locksmith Company Inc.
Tomorrow morning I am flying to Austin, Texas to take the state exam for my locksmith license. I hope that Georgia will soon pass legislation to license locksmiths. The public needs this protection.
My exam is on Friday so I’ll have a little spare time. I plan to see my sister who lives there and to visit the Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu school. That’s going to be a great time. Whenever I travel I like to find a local Jiu Jitsu school and train there. It’s always good to train with people other than your usual group. Keeps it real!
Look forward to my reading assignments coming soon. I want everyone to read “Democracy and Leadership” by Irving Babbitt. I’m going to start posting my commentary on this book soon.
There are some valuable lessons to be learned within its pages.

customers beware of low cost locksmiths

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We get a great deal of this in Atlanta also. It is so sad that these people exist in this world. They are here only to prey on people during times of crisis. I know that many customers are truly in need of a “good price” when it comes to certain types of emergency services such as those that we provide. These are hard times for a lot of people and the last thing they need is some crooked “locksmith” coming to their “rescue” with these types of terroristic tactics. The hard truth is this. If the price sounds too good to be true, then it isn’t. People, please stop letting these guys fool you and rip you off. When that voice on the phone tells you that their charge for opening your car,for instance, is $35.00 to come out and “$15.00 and up for labor” you need to know right now that they never charge anyone $15.00 and the “up” side can be as high as $125.00-$150. I’ve seen this happen.
Be advised. Be smart. Be safe.