on “Democracy and Leadership”

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Mr. Babbit begins, in the introduction to “Democracy and Leadership”, by discussing the decline of Rome. He attributes this decline, in part, to Rome’s preoccupation with luxury and self-indulgence. It’s leaders were concerned more with their own power and of being of service to certain factions or classes. True leaders who could set bounds to their personal lusts and desires were scarce. Sound familiar?
He writes further, “Certain analogies may be discovered between this Roman dilemma and the dilemma with which we are now(1924)confronted in America. We, too, seem to be reaching the acme of our power and are at the same time discarding the standards of the past. This emancipation has been accompanied by an extraordinary increase in luxury and self-indulgence. Persons who postpone everything else to their “comfort” and to commercial prosperity are probably more numerous in America today than they were in ancient Rome. Disturbing as this symptom may be, it is less so than the increasing role played in our national life by “blocs” with highly unethical leaders-leaders who seek to advance the material interests of some special group at the expense of the whole community. The actual gravity of this symptom may perhaps be exaggerated; if it should prove, however, to be something more than a passing phase, it portends the end of our constitutional liberties and the rise of a decadent imperialism.”
It should be readily apparent to all that what we are experiencing is certainly not “a passing phase”. All one has to do is to make note of the stories of the elite lobbyist in Washington, the corporate executives who take millions per year from failing corporations(as you and I watch their stock prices plummet), and the over-fed and corrupt politicians who oversee the whole show. Let’s give due attention to PACs also. Note also the incredible bailouts being thrown about to these same corporations and the self-serving executives who run them.
I remember when the Democrats accused the Republicans of being the corporate welfare party.(deservedly so) Now who are the corporate welfare kings?
Having failed to raise up leaders who posses ethical standards by which to judge and govern themselves, we are now the living embodiment of Irving Babbitt’s words.
Think about it.

Test results

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I received my test results from Austin. I passed the exam; correctly answering 110 out of 140 questions. Right on!