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Money-Driven Medicine by Maggie Mahar
As the debate on health care reform rages, pick up a copy of this book. It will enlighten you to some facts that the well-paid pundits don’t like to talk about. Namely, that Wall Street M&A specialists are running our health care system. CEO’s who care more about what they can squeeze out of the corporation than the health and care that it provides are dictating the future of our health care.

victims invited

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If you believe that you have been a victim of these illicit locksmith companies, please send us a copy of your invoice and we will post it here. We all need to fight these corrupt companies!

victim’s invoice

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Here is copy of a real invoice that we received from a citizen here in Georgia. The company responsible for this crime used the same tactics that are now commonly in use by these corrupt companies. They quote a low price on the phone, then, upon arriving at your location, charge inflated fees for add-ons, make up fees, and misrepresent the products serviced or sold.
I went to see the work done at this home and found it to be very poor in quality and not what is represented on the invoice. The invoice itself is fraught with misspelling, so refer to my notes in order to understand it.
Line 1 refers to 6 double cylinder deadbolts that were installed. This company charged a “discounted” price of $75.00 ea. instead of their regular price of $95.00. The locks installed were a brand called Max Tech. They were a quality inferior to our least expensive brand, for which we charge only $49.00 ea.
Line 2 states that 6 “high security” locksets(doorknobs)were installed. The price is also “discounted” to $75.00 from $95.00. In fact, the brand was also Max Tech and they are not high security. Max Tech is a VERY poor quality lock. Never the less, our least expensive lockset is only $39.00. This entry represents 1 of the criminally fraudulent claims on the invoice.
Line 3 shows that the company gave the customer 4 “free” keys which would normally cost $20.00 ea. Our high security keys cost $15.00-$25.00 ea. The problem here is that the key given to the customer was a common key which would cost about $3.00.
Line 4 shows charges of $35.00 ea. to rekey 18 cylinders. Regular price-$45.00. $35.00 ea would be appropriate if ,indeed, the cylinders were high security cylinders.(We charge $35.00 for HS cylinder rekeys) The cylinders on Max Tech locks should cost no more than $15.00 ea to rekey.
Line 8 indicates the free service charge.(nice)
Line 9 indicates that the technician drilled open 2 high security locksets in order to gain entry into the home. He charged $275.00 ea for this “service”! The regular price would have been $300.00 each! This is just completely insane. The key shown to me by the customer clearly identified the old locks as common Weiser locks. These are not HS locks. This represents the 2nd criminally fraudulent claim on this invoice.
Line 10 shows the price and discount for removing the old locks and installing the new locks. The discounted price is $30.00, down from $40.00. This is a cheap price and would have been fine except that the work was done so poorly. Any technician in our company would be fired for doing work like that which I saw at this location. (see line 12)
Line 11 indicates another charge for rekeying 18 cylinders. This should have been covered by the charges on line 4. This is a fabricated charge.
Line 12 should read ‘fix frame-drill’. I saw the frames. The “locksmith” charged $35.00 ea($45.00)to insert a drill file into the strike hole of each deadbolt and lockset and router out the hole so that the latches and bolts would line up. This is absurd. The proper installation of a lockset and deadbolt would have included replacing the old strikes and insuring that the holes were aligned for proper operation. This would have been covered by the charges on line 10. This charge is another fabrication.
Line 13 indicates that the customer had printed their online “coupon” and received a 10% discount.
14 shows the grand total. This does not include sales tax so GBI should be interested in knowing who is going to pay it.
This entire job, properly done, should not have cost more than $1559.96. This customer was overcharged by $1750.04.
victim's invoice

MA attorney general fights back

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Here’s what the MA attorney general is doing to protect citizens.

corrupt “locksmiths” strike again

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If Google does not do something to investigate these corrupt companies,and to protect their legitimate clients, then the lawsuits need to start.