Locksmiths find hope

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With the recent events in Florida, we can now allow ourselves to hope that the “locksmith landscape” will see better times in the future. As the federal authorities investigate Dependable Locksmith, we can assume that the trail of fraud and deceit will lead them to Atlanta, we hope so anyway, and that there will be many arrests here as well. It is a fact that 80-90% of the advertisements that people view when looking for a locksmith in Atlanta are in fact tied to these types of companies. Customers deserve to know that when they are calling in need of such a personal service, they will be served by a technician who has been cleared by the authorities and approved by their peers. This in turn will give them the assurance that when a locksmith sells them a high security lock, like Multi Lock, they will indeed receive that product and not a cheap substitute,(refer to the customers invoice posted previously)or that a simple lockout will not turn into a multi-hundred dollar ordeal.
When we at Abbot Safe and Lock/Master Locksmith Co. set out to install Multi Lock high security locks on a customers home or business, there is never any doubt that they will receive the product promised and that it will be installed according to the most demanding standards. Trust me, there is more to installing a lock(especially a Multi Lock high security lock)than knocking a couple of holes in a door. There a several parts and steps that can be omitted in order for the technician to save time and effort. This type of attitude does not fly around here. When a customer decides to share their hard-earned money with us, they are damned sure going to get more than they pay for.We are going to work hard for that money. We use all the parts that are included in a lockset and do not skip steps during the installation. These types of practices would deprive our customers of the full quality of the products that they have entrusted us to install for them. We want to earn and keep our customers trust.
Now is the time for Georgia citizens to renew their efforts to call attention to this crime wave. Call the office of the attorney general and demand that they take action to protect Georgia’s citizens. If you feel that you have been victimized by one of these companies call the US Postal Inspectors office at: 877 876 2455
Even if you have not been a victim, call anyway. Don’t wait until it happens to you.
Keep it real,

In defense of not-for-profit health care

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Quotes from Money Drive Medicine
“..on average, those who receive more supply-driven care are no better off than similar patients who enjoy a certain degree of benign neglect.”
Dartmouth study-”..we believe that physicians, along with willing hospitals, are at the root of over treatment.”
“There’s a lot of money being made on things that don’t work well.”
..clinical trials are costly and not always practical. Moreover, ”
if you are making a ton of money being reimbursed by Medicare, the last thing you want to do is put your treatment to a test.” says Califf(Dr Califf, professor of medicine at Duke University)
“Clinical medicine is awash in novelty, but without the capacity to distinguish what truly works…THE EMPLOYER COMMUNITY, THE TAX-PAYING COMMUNITY and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services need to understand that THEIR COST PROBLEMS CAN BE TRACED TO A LARGE EXTENT, TO UNEVALUATED TECHNOLOGIES.”

This words make a good argument that for profit health care has run amok and we the people are receiving diminishing returns on the money spent on health care, both private and public.

Quote from Money-Driven Medicine

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Former Medicare administrator Vladeck “focusing on utilization permits both health care providers and payers to change the subject away from the more embarrassing discussion of who’s getting paid, by whom, and how much.” By blaming the consumer, we avoid flustering the many politicians who receive contributions from health care lobbyists.
Read the book Money-Driven Medicine by Maggie Mahar. We the people need to see through the fear mongering of the right wing pundits. The HIGHLY PAID pundits. (who’s getting paid, by whom, and how much?)At the same time we must be on guard against a poorly executed attempt at real reform. Anything less than breaking the back of the for profit health care industry, to include the insurance companies, the drug companies, and the corporate hospital companies, is not going to help. Stay in touch with your congressman or congresswoman and share these concerns with them.

More arrests

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more on the federal raid

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Read more about the raid on Dependable Locksmith here.

Feds raid Dependable locksmith

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Federal authorities have raided the offices of Dependable Locksmith in Florida. It’s about time that federal authorities have made arrests in this scam. Now is the time to put pressure on the authorities here in Georgia to act against these companies operating here.