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“Master Locksmith and Security” IS NOT US! We are Master Locksmith Co. and Abbot Safe and Lock.
The other company is copying our name and is purposefully trying to mislead you. They are in fact one of the Israeli companies fleecing consumers. Do not confuse “Master Locksmith and Security” with the real Master Locksmith Co.

poor quality

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When I write about locksmiths not providing the products or service promised, some may think that I am exaggerating. Trust me, I am not. This week I had to redo an entire installation for a customer who had purchased several Multi Lock deadbolts and several matching locksets. Unfortunately the company installed them so poorly that they all needed to be redone. Here is a copy of the letter that I wrote for this customer to assist him in getting a refund:

Atlanta, xxxxxx8
Jan. 14, 2010

I hope the work that I did for you has been satisfactory and that it has redeemed the reputation of my industry in your eyes. I am sorry that you had to experience the “less than satisfactory” side of my trade.
I am writing this letter to you in order to provide details which will more clearly explain the comments which I wrote on the invoice for the work that I did and this will support your claim for reimbursement from Pxx a xxxk, or your credit card company. It is my hope that the owner of Pxx a xxxk will, of her own accord, give you the refund that you deserve and use this incident as an opportunity to provide necessary training to her technicians.
The work that I did for you consisted of rekeying and reinstalling 4 double cylinder Multi Lock deadbolts and 4 Multi Lock “lockset” cylinders and locksets. I need to emphasize that “reinstalling”, in this case, means treating the doors and locks as “fresh installations” because the work done by the two previous technicians was so unacceptable. I would go so far as to describe it as poor. I have terminated employees in years past for some of the flaws that I observed and corrected at your home.
To begin, the locks on your home needed to be rekeyed for several reasons. The first is that you found the Multi Lock code card in the discarded box of trash on the side of your home. This card is the “key” to your home. By allowing it to become “lost” or unsupervised is an egregious breech of security protocol. Furthermore, I understand that the technicians told you that the card was locked in the safe at their office. This statement was not only a lie but it also is a violation of Multi Lock procedure. You, the customer, are to be given the opportunity to retain the card or to sign it over to the company for safe keeping. In light of this behavior, your distrust of xxp a Lxxx and your desire to sever all ties with this company by rekeying your locks is understandable, prudent even.
In regards to the manner in which the locks were installed, there were several errors that were made to every installation. For example, the Multi Lock HD series deadbolts are supplied with a pair of ball bearings which are to be inserted in the mounting holes of the exterior portion of the lock. These ball bearings provide protection against a drilling attack against the mounting screws and are an integral part of the security provided by this series of lock. With out them the lock becomes less than what it is being sold as. I found that all 4 of your deadbolts were missing their ball bearings. I replaced these parts for you.
Another problem that I found and corrected was the manner in which the deadbolts were mounted on the door. The bolt face was not mortised into the face of the door. Instead, the technician mounted the bolt face upon the edge of the door. This caused the entire lock body alignment to be offset and to fail to align with the cross bore hole. In order to correct this(the lock will not bolt on properly in this condition)the technician filed on the some of the holes and, when this did not fix the problem, forced the bolts in using vice-grip pliers. Installing locks in this manner will cause the lock to fail to operate properly and also causes the bolt face to strike against the door frame and strike plate. The bolt face must be installed flush with the edge of the door and the lock body must align properly with the cross bore holes. I redrilled the mounting holes for each deadbolt and also mortised the bolt faces so that they are now flush. I did this for all 4 doors, including the metal door in the utility room.
The last thing that we discussed was whether the strike plates that the technicians sold to you as substitutes for the heavy duty Multi Lock strikes were in fact stronger than the original. Also you asked why the heavy duty strike that came with the lever and locksets was not used. My answer to you was that the Mag strike is as strong as the original if they are installed properly. This would mean that they were aligned properly and stalled with at least 3″ screws. There is no reason for the lockset strikes not to be used. The technician simply did not want to do the extra work. I also found that the Mag strikes were not installed with 3″ screws. This in fact made them weaker than the original Multi Lock strikes. I installed the heavy duty lockset strikes that you found in the trash using 3″ screws and realigned and installed the Mag strikes with 3″ screws also.
Rekeying your 14 Multi Lock cylinders and reinstalling all of your locks and strikes took the better part of an entire day. They are now properly fitted to your doors, with all the necessary parts, and the strikes installed properly aligned and with sufficient clearance to prevent them being hit by the door and the lock bolt. The amount of attention that I gave to the work at hand should not be viewed as something extraordinary. I was simply doing what I was paid to do. What you trusted me to do. The fact that I love what I do is just an added benefit. This extra work would not have been necessary had the original technicians had the same high standards and respect for your hard-earned money. When you made the decision to invest in high security locks you believed in good faith that the company would do everything possible to fulfill the intent of the high security lock package that they were installing. Pxx a Lxxx failed you in every respect. The work that they did for you was of very poor quality and compromised your security. I hope that I have done everything possible to correct these shortcomings and that as a result you now have the confidence in your new locks that they are supposed to provide.
I will be seeing you again as soon as your captive keys arrive. Until then I hope that all is well.

Mike Wilson
VP Abbot’s Security Services
dba A-Abbot Safe and Lock
770 850 0150


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