Who is on your side??

Posted in Legislative by Administrator on the June 3rd, 2010

Speak to anyone who has been victimized by the illegal locksmiths and you will know why(if it is not intuitively known already) regulation of locksmiths, which includes background checks and testing, is desperately needed in Georgia. I want to believe that an issue like protecting Georgia’s citizens is important to house representatives of both parties, but after watching our bill languish in a committee for two years and die, I have to wonder. The committee chairman, Roger Williams is a Republican. He sets the tone and agenda for the committee. I spoke to a Democratic member of the committee and he told me that he had never heard of our bill.(HB 107) Would the chairman of the committee dare to keep this buried and hidden from Democratic members of his committee? Or maybe he is an equal opportunity kind of guy who kept it from everyone ? Am I to believe that a Repulican committee chairman does not want Georgia locksmiths to be licensed because of his deeply held belief in no government involvement in business? The Republican party is the party of “small government”. I would say to a fault. Surely, the idea of prudent government regulation, as needed to protect the public from abuse, being needed for the orderly function of society, is an idea that the Republicans can embrace? I was assured today by Representative Geisinger, the bill’s sponsor, that partisan politics will not stand in the way of getting this bill passsed. Well, what has stood in it’s way for the last 2 years? He had no answer that satisfies me. I will stay a thorn in the flesh of the Georgia Legislature until this gets done. The people of Georgia need to know that when they call a locksmith, this unknown person is at least known to a government oversight agency and that this agency has tested and investigated this person who has access to  the knowledge and tools to open their house,business, car, or safe.  You can help by calling your state representative and demanding that they strongly and publicly support HB 107. I want you to care now, before you become a victim. It’s far too easy for us to sit back and think that something like this is not our problem, until we have been hurt. So, how many people have to be hurt before enough of us care enough to get involved. How many Georgians will be ripped off by these scammer locksmiths before our legislators get pissed enough to do something about it? Which party wants to be known as the Party that doesn’t care? These questions need to be answered, and soon.

Keep it real.