Troop withdrawal

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I am so glad that we are withdrawing our troops from Iraq. Afghanistan is next! I do not support the policy of our soldiers dying for the barbaric and corrupt culture and governments that exist there. Our soldiers should be here, alive, taking care of their families.  Spending billions of dollars on corrupt governments does not make any sense. We have our own domestic issues that desperately need our attention. Atlanta’s Master Locksmith/Abbot Safe and Lock wishes it could hire a bunch of the returning soldiers but until we do something about the illegal locksmiths, there is just not enough work.


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+$600.00 vs $285.00

Which is a better deal? It would seem like $285. Right? Well, not if the company that will charge over $600.00 quoted you only $39.00 plus “$15.00 & up” and then I told you $285.00 honest and up front! That’s what happened today. I know this because the customer showed me her notes and I saw the name of the company and it was one of the illegal locksmiths. I know that they mislead people into believing that their locks need to be replaced. (The customer told me herself that she did not know if she needed new locks or if  her old ones could be serviced.)The locks that this customer had were very expensive Baldwin locksets that cost nearly $200.00 each.  She became very angry with me when I told her the price of $285.00 to disassemble and make keys for these locks and  I became angry that she was comparing me to this dishonest company! Maybe I should start using the same misleading tactics that these companies use! If I am to be disrespected then I should at least get the money!!….Don’t worry, I will never lose my integrity. :)