Been Busy

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the September 16th, 2010

Mike Wilson, Atlanta’s Master Locksmith, has been busy. Training a new locksmith,  taking care of clients, preparing the Texas Master Locksmith Company, etc. Everything is ready for us to open Master Locksmith Company in Houston Texas.  December 17th is the planned move date. I will be relocating to Houston to head up the operation there and my new employee will be the point man here. I will continue to handle tech support for Abbot/Master Locksmith and will even come to Atlanta from time to time.  All my employees participate in the ALOA  master locksmith certification program. That  means that training is mandatory. I am looking forward to next spring. That is when the next Georgia legislative session will begin. We must renew our fight to protect Georgia citizens from the illegal locksmiths by pressing our representatives to pass HB 107, Georgia’s Locksmith License law.