Atlanta overrun by illegal Israeli locksmith mafia!

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the April 18th, 2013

Sorry Atlanta and other Georgia locksmiths and citizens. The Republicans in the Georgia assembly have, for several years now, allowed locksmith license legislation to die in committee! Now, Atlanta, and Georgia in general, is the go to place for the illegal Israeli locksmith mafia! If you need an Atlanta or Alpharetta locksmith and do a google search for a 3004 locksmith, for example, 99 % of the search results on the first page are the illegal locksmiths. A good locksmith license law would have helped to save Georgia and Atlanta locksmith customers and honest locksmith companies, but after years of fighting, Jack Winn, President of the Georgia Locksmith Association, has given up. After having lunch and dinner with these do nothings in the Georgia Legislature for years and being lied to and patronized, he has had enough. Now Georgia and Atlanta locksmith customers are even more exposed than they ever were! To avoid being a locksmith victim, only call Abbot Safe and Lock at 770 850 0150.