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Welcome to our website and blog. Let me tell you a little about A-Abbot Safe & Lock/Master Locksmith Company.
My name is Mike Wilson and I am the senior technician and Vice-President of Abbot’s Security Services. My wife, Linda, is the President and Office Manager. I have been a locksmith since 1985. We moved from Texas to Atlanta in 1995 and founded Abbot Safe & Lock 2 years later. About 5 years later we bought Master Locksmith Company from Harry Detlef.
We are a full service locksmith company specializing in high security locks, access control and safe service. We also provide a wide range of auto locksmith service, including making transponder and high security keys.
Since beginning we have successfully completed over 27.5k orders, many for loyal customers who have come to trust our dedication to customer service and the quality of our work.
These are very challenging times for locksmith’s and the public whom we serve. In Georgia there is no requirement to have a license in order to be a locksmith! There is no requirement to demonstrate proficiency in any aspect of lock technology or safety. The state doesn’t know who is opening houses and making keys. “Who is this guy that I just called to open my house?” you may ask. No one in the state government or law enforcement knows. This is why there is so much theft and fraud taking place right now in my industry. Go to the following website and read some of the stories there.
Because many states have passed license laws, many of these thieves are now operating in Georgia.
If you feel that you have been a victim of one of these companies please let me know.
In the future I’ll be talking about locks, jobs that we do, our plans for the future and the industry as a whole, and a bit about the economy and society. You know, everyone has an opinion!
Thanks for coming by and for putting your trust in A-Abbot Safe & Lock/Master Locksmith Company