stealing from the food pantry

Posted in success stories by Administrator on the May 28th, 2010

One of my church clients called today and told me that people were duplicating the key to the food pantry and returning to take things! I suggested that we replace the  regular cylinder with a Multi Lock high security cylinder and replace the lever with one that required a key every time to open. After doing this I cut and numbered 10 keys for him so that he can assign them by number. Now the keys cannot be copied and noone can return without permission. Multi Lock locks and cylinders can solve so many problems for home owners, business owners, even churches.

another customer saved

Posted in success stories by Administrator on the May 26th, 2010

Just finished making a key for a man’s truck. He had been quoted “$39.00″ by one of the “$39.00″ locksmiths. When they arrived they tried to make him sign a blank work order; he refused and pressed them to tell him how much was the  key. After much bs and fast talk they told him that his ignition had to be replaced at a cost of  $385.00. Well luckily this man called us back(he had previously thought our qouted price of $165.00 was too much) and we indeed went out and disassembled his switch and made him a key. I even gave him an extra copy for free. Needless to say, he was grateful and apologetic for his previous rudeness and mistrust.” All’s well that ends well” I told him and that there was no need to apologize. I am glad everything turned out OK for him.

Multi Lock

Posted in success stories by Administrator on the May 21st, 2010

I am going back to St Vincent de Paul today to finish installing  some Multi Lock high security locks on their warehouse and office. Seems someone who had been suspended came back into the building using an unauthorized copy of their key. By installing Multi Lock we can keep people from obtaining copies of the key; only authorized persons in management can order more keys and a record is kept in our office of every key made. This should help them keep control of  illegal entry into their building. If you want more security, you need to have Master Locksmith Company Inc. install Multi Lock on your home or office. We are the best Atlanta area locksmith. You simply cannot go wrong in hiring us. I promise.

$29.00 locksmiths

Posted in success stories by Administrator on the May 18th, 2010

Saved a man from the “$29.00″ locksmiths yesterday. He was quoted $29.00 to come out and the tech would tell him how much to open his car when he arrived. When pressed they told him that the fee would be $15.00 & up! People only hear $29 & 15 or worse only 29. Let me tell you now that NOONE pays $15 to open their car.  This is only the bait!! The “up” side can be as much as $150.00(plus $29.00)! Happens everyday. Beware of the $29.00 locksmiths!! Press your Georgia legislator to pass the locksmith license bill.  This will give consumers some measure of protection and provide a means of taking action against these companies. Also use Master Locksmith Company Inc for your locksmith needs. We are honest, hard working, and just plain good at what we do.